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Retire Next to Top Notch Golfing


Before retirement, you always wished that you had more time to golf. Now that retirement is here your schedule has freed up and it’s time to hit the links. East Tennessee is a golfer’s dream. There isn’t just one but THREE championship courses. Each place has its own clubhouse, pro shop, and practice range. You can discover more about one course at: Does that sound like it could be a part of your retirement dream? We would love to talk to you about getting the home that fits in this dream.; (865) 851-7373


Can your budget handle retirement in East Tennessee?

Do you like to make a dollar stretch? Now more than ever retirees are very clever at getting more bang for their buck while still enjoying the lifestyle they dreamed about earlier in life. As you plan for retirement you more than likely want to live in an area that will give you the most comfort and amenities while still fitting nicely inside your budget. Retirees in East Tennessee love the cost of living. Residents don’t have state property taxes, no income and sales tax of only 7%. You can visit: to discover the cost of living for you OR call our number to talk about your dream home for the area.; (865) 851-7373


Why Do East Tennessee Retirees’ Money Go Farther?


Retirees in East Tennessee enjoy the natural beauty of the Smoky Mountains. The sunrises behind the mountains are absolutely stunning and the cost of living in the area is also stunning. East Tennessee doesn’t have state property tax, no income tax, and sales tax is only 7%. In fact the cost of living in Loudon County is only 89% of the national average. You can live the retirement you dreamed about in East Tennessee. Let’s get together and talk about building your dream home.; (865) 851-7373


Where Should You Retire To Maximize Fun With Your Grandchildren?


When you retire, what do you want to do with your grandchildren? East Tennessee is the perfect area to enjoy the grandchildren. Living right next to the Smoky Mountains they will always want to visit grandma and/or grandpa to spend the day hiking, fishing, going to the Knoxville Zoo, visiting Dollywood, and the list goes on. When the grandkids go home there are still a plethora of activities in the community that are geared toward your interests. Let’s get you introduced to the area. When would you like us to tell you about East Tennessee living?; (865) 851-7373


What Home to Build for Retirement in East Tennessee


So many people from the northern states and Florida have chosen to retire in East Tennessee. What kind of home are they choosing to build? Here are some sample pictures of our popular Ashley floorplan home. All of our homes can be customized to your style and needs with suggestions from our professional staff. Beauty, low cost of living, and activities galore await you in East Tennessee. Let’s talk about your dream home and introduce you to the area.; (865) 851-7373

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Morning Perks For A Retiree In East Tennessee


During your working years what does/did your typical work day look like? You probably had to get out of bed way too early so that you could fight the traffic to get into the office on time. You then put in long hours to be successful only to have to wake up the next day and start over again. All of the stress and worry is so that you could retire and enjoy yourself later.

What kind of retirement experience do you want to have? After so many stressful years of work wouldn’t you like to have a day that started with taking a boat out on a lake in the morning with a cup of coffee while you watch the beautiful colors of a sunrise behind the amazing Smoky Mountains.

Let’s talk this week about the perfect home plan and location for your dream home in East Tennessee.; (865) 851-7373


Retire by Entertainment Venues


Do you want to be around some first class entertainment when you retire? You spent all those years working hard and now you have the time to enjoy yourself. The surrounding areas of Knoxville are perfect for retirees and are close to many great entertainment venues. There are the Tennessee Theatre and the Bijou Theatre in Knoxville as well as a multitude of shows in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and Dollywood. Let’s talk soon about the perfect home plan for you to build for retirement in East Tennessee.; (865) 851-7373


Retirement in Style – East Tennessee


Some people have it stuck in their head that a smaller home means retiring in a home that’s not as nice. We believe that no matter the size of the home that you can still make a statement while meeting your goal downsizing and having less to care for. When would you like to take a look at some of our house plans perfect for your retirement in East Tennessee?; (865) 851-7373

East Tennessee Retirement Offers Mild Temperatures


Many people from northern states look forward to moving to their dream home when they retire and hope to move to a warmer area. They have simply been around harsh winter conditions for too many years. They just want to be in an area where they can get around without having to worry about snow and ice all the time.

The problems is that many people decide to move to an area like Florida. It’s basically the complete opposite climate that they are used to. The issue is that many retirees underestimate the severe heat and humidity in Florida. After one year, many retirees are looking to move yet again but this time to get away from the heat.

A lot of those people end up settling in East Tennessee with its mild temperatures and beautiful scenery. The Tellico Village area is perfect for retirees and is a whole community with retirees in mind. The area offers breath taking beauty, a low cost of living and mild temperatures all year round.  When can we talk to you about your dream home here in Tellico Village?; (865) 851-7373


Tellico Village. Great Shopping. Perfect Retirment.


Are you look forward to retirement do you think about what you will do with all that free time? How about shopping with the girls? Tellico Village in East Tennessee is so close to many great shopping destinations – like the multiple shops and outlets in Pigeon Forge and the variety of Turkey Creek in Knoxville. Not only will you have great shopping excursions but the entertainment and scenery are out of this world. When can we tell you more about retiring to Tellico Village? Let’s build your dream home.; (865) 851-7373


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