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A Home to Grow Up In


Home is where love resides, where memories are created, friends are always welcome, and families are forever. If you think of all the memories in your life, the ones in your home are probably the most precious. Your first dinner party there, your first Christmas there, and the pitter patter of your first little one’s feet. Fast forward 25 years to that little one’s family around you and the tiny feet of another as they make their way toward you. Your heart is as full as your home. Cook Bros. isn’t in the construction business; we are in the memory-making business.

A Deal to Make You Smile


Cook Bros. cares about families, ours, yours, and every one in between. They know how important it is to spend time together enjoying each other’s company. There aren’t many places inexpensive enough for big families and fun enough for all ages. But the zoo is! The Knoxville Zoo wants to us to appreciate the fresh cool air of the season and spend a day at the zoo. The animals aren’t hibernating, so why should you? They are offering a BOGO through the month of February, so bundle up and come on out! Click this link for more info:

Not All Roads Lead Home


We’re closing in on the end of January and nearing closer and closer to the peak building season in East Tennessee. Now is the time when we usually get inundated with folks who want to build their custom home and do so this year. From families who are just starting out to couples who are retiring, building a home for the first time can be overwhelming. The “not knowing where to start” is usually the toughest part. We meet with a lot of folks and most fall into one of two categories.

Category #1 People who start the process with selecting a builder they can trust.

End result key features:

  1. A lot/land selection that meets not only their location goals, but also their goals for the type of home they envision building.
  2. A home plan that is feasible and that fits in their budget.
  3. Having peace of mind knowing someone has their best interest in mind and is helping them gather the pieces from start to finish.

Category #2 People who wish they would have started the process with a builder they could trust.

End result key features:

  1. Purchasing a set or multiple sets of home plans that won’t work or need major modifications. (If you need a whole bunch of plans that folks have purchased and never built, we’ve got a whole collection to choose from.)
  2. A building site that won’t work for the home they want to build because of setbacks, restrictions, topography, etc. that they didn’t notice when purchasing the property. (Septic systems and creeks don’t’ mix.)
  3. Frustration at why we, nor anyone else, can build the home for $110.00 per square foot because on the internet it says this house can be built for $110.00 per square foot. (You know everything on the internet is the truth.)

When starting the process of building a home most people think lot selection first, purchasing a home plan second and lastly speaking with builders and selecting one. A lot of time, money and flat out frustration could be saved if they would reverse the process a bit. Speak with a builder and determine what size, style, amenities, etc. home you want, need and can afford before investing a lot of money on a lot or home plans. An experienced contractor can walk you through the various ballpark costs associated with the building process, potential downsides to property you are interested in and inherent pitfalls to watch out for. It’s the difference between taking a cruise and renting a rusty fishing boat with a broken compass to cruise the islands. You get the picture. If you are thinking of building a home, and want to retain your sanity through the process, you’d be best served interviewing and selecting a building “guide” sooner than later.

For tips on interviewing and selecting your custom home contractor stay tuned!


Happy Customers


“We purchased a newly built home from Cook Bros. Our home had been built for the 2014 Parade of Homes and we fell in love with the quality of construction and finish work. The detail in our home provided us with everything we were looking for but beyond that John and Ralph have been a pleasure to work with ensuring us at every turn that they will be available long after the close. I highly recommend them and their team to anyone considering the construction of a new home.” – @tomhollern, User

We at Cook Bros. Construction strive for perfection with every project we take on, from start to finish. Whether it is a big custom home or a small bathroom remodel and anything in between. Everyday we go to work and choose to make our customer’s experience the best that it can be. We appreciate Tom’s kind words; it was our pleasure to serve.

Home Tip From Cook Bros. Construction


Admit it: you’re like the rest of the population and forget to change your air filter when you’re supposed to.  30 days is the longest you should go between changing the filters, and never longer than two weeks during peak usage seasons.  So you guilt yourself into using the expensive filters thinking to make up for it.  Wait!  Don’t empty that wallet yet!  Using the cheap fiberglass filters is actually preferred as opposed to more expensive HEPA filters for two reasons: first, replacing the more expensive filters often isn’t cost-effective since the cost of the HEPA filters far exceeds that of the fiberglass.  Second, the fiberglass filters actually allow for more air to flow into your climate-controlled unit, reducing the amount of energy needed to effectively heat or cool your home.  And we all need to save more money this winter!

Helpful In All Phases Of A Home Construction


When you hire Cook Bros. for a project, you are getting all hands on deck for all phases of your project.  If you need a designer, we have one for you.  If you need a landscaper, we have one for you.  You’ll get a Project Manager for the job who will be there wherever, whenever you need. As this recent review states:  “We hired Cook Brothers to build our new Smoky Mountain Home. There were very helpful in all phases of the project including: lot selection, picking the perfect plan, assigning us a Project Manager to keep the project on budget, assigning us a Design Manager to keep us on budget and help select the finishing touches. We would highly recommend Cook Brothers Construction to anyone who wishes to have their own custom home in our area. Great Work.” – Julie Witt


January Home Tip – Fix Interior Cracks


Our January home tip of the month is on fixing interior cracks. If you notice horizontal or vertical cracks in the walls of your home, they are probably located near doors or windows. It’s usually due to a shift in the wall framing as a home settles. This is the most common problem with your walls, and generally there’s nothing to worry about. If it’s an eyesore to you, or if you are planning on painting those walls, they should definitely be taken care of with a few simple tools and supplies. Of course, if you suspect that the cracks are due to a structural issue, be sure to have them checked out by Cook Bros.


Watch Home Videos From Cook Bros. Construction


Since we have some of the most intelligent fans on the internet today, you probably already know that we at Cook Bros.  Construction have our very own YouTube channel! The channel is full of information from John and several testimonials, as well as a couple homes we’ve recently completed. Click this link to see what East Tennessee’s most trusted contractor has been up to.


Happy New Year From Your East Tennessee Contractor


It seems to be common practice at the end of every year to make New Year’s Resolutions. Not being ones to break with tradition, Cook Bros. Construction would like to make our own resolutions. We resolve to be Knoxville’s most trusted contractor, and to make every diligent effort to complete our projects in a way our customers have come to expect from us. Quality Craftsmanship without Compromise. The Cook Bros. resolution. From all of us, best wishes for a most happy and prosperous new year.


Merry Christmas from Cook Bros. Construction


It has been said that the best Christmas decorations of all are the smiles on the faces of children. We at Cook Bros. Construction are in hearty agreement with that assessment of the holiday. We aim to bring joy and delight to our customer (and their children) in the work we do every day. Every remodel, renovation, or new construction we complete is with our customer in the forefront of our minds. The gift of love. the gift of peace. The gift of happiness. May all these be yours at Christmas.


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