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East Tennessee: Providing Retirees with Great Healthcare and Entertainment


As we age health concerns begin to pop up. It can be frustrating when you waited for years to enjoy yourself when you retired. Sometimes it seems as though we are going to have to retire close to an area that has great health care. Unfortunately, those areas tend to lack the entertainment that we were hoping to enjoy during retirement.

When you retire to East Tennessee you don’t choose between an active and enjoyable lifestyle and living next to great health care. In fact Ft. Loudon Medical Center of Lenoir City boasts having over 200 doctors specializing in over 29 areas and the facility has state-of-the-art technology. You will be able to go boating, shopping or see music entertainment while still resting easy at night knowing that you’re close by quality physicians. Can we talk with you this week about the home you would like to retire to?

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East Tennessee Gives Retirees Enjoyment With The Grandkids


Spending time with the grandkids is one of the greatest pleasures of life. What do you enjoy doing with your grandchildren? In East Tennessee you will be living right next to the Smoky Mountains. The grand kids will always want to visit grandma and/or grandpa to spend the day hiking, fishing, going to the Knoxville Zoo, visiting Dollywood, and the list goes on. When the grandkids go home there are plenty of activities in the community that are geared toward your interests. When would you like us to tell you about East Tennessee living?; (865) 851-7373

Enjoy Rich History And Scenery During Retirement In East Tennessee


Many history buffs look forward to retirement to catch up on their hobby. We think it’s more interesting to experience history rather than just read about it. There is no better place to enjoy American history during retirement than East Tennessee. The structures in Cades Cove date back to the early 1800s and are housed within beautiful scenery and easy to access trails. You can learn more about the history of Cades Cove by following the link below. The phone number below will give you access to our skilled staff. Let’s discover your dream home that you can retire to in East Tennessee.; (865) 851-7373

Retire to East Tennessee – The Connors’ Story

The two biggest concerns of most people before starting a home project are time and money. Wouldn’t you agree with that assessment? To add to the concern many people have heard the horror stories about working with an unknown contractor and spending a LOT more than they anticipated on the project.

Cook Bros. Construction takes the budget very seriously while still upholding our goal of providing you with a quality product. It’s easy for us to say we take the budget seriously. What do our customers say?

Listen to the video above and you will hear the Connors’ experience with Cook Bros. Construction.

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Amazing And Colorful Season – Retire to East Tennessee


Why do people want to move to Florida for retirement? Well, the most common reason is to enjoy the hotter temperatures that are present all year around. Many people soon discover that the temperatures are too hot and humid most of the year and there is really only one season in a tropical area. Many retirees tell us that Tennessee saved them from the heat of Florida and allowed them to enjoy seasons once again. The seasons in East Tennessee are quite amazing because of the bright and unique colors that each season offers. Let’s find the perfect home for you to enjoy color by the Smoky Mountains all year around.; (865) 851-7373


Great Savings When You Retire To East Tennessee


What makes you smile when you look at your savings account?! Seeing more money than you planned? The cost of living in the area is stunning. East Tennessee doesn’t have state property tax, no income tax, and sales tax is only 7%. In fact the cost of living in Loudon County is only 89% of the national average. You can live the retirement you dreamed about in East Tennessee. Let’s get together and talk about your dream home.; (865) 851-7373

Discover Painted Skies During Retirement


You can hear about the beauty of an area but there is no way to convey the beauty of the Smoky Mountains. However, the sunsets are absolutely amazing in the East Tennessee area. Have you ever stopped what you were doing so that you could focus all of your attention on the colors of the sky? Retirees get to experience this kind of beauty almost everyday. Experience the wonder. Let’s talk about the kind of home you would like to have in this area.; (865) 851-7373

Retire In A Home That Supports Your Lifestyle


They call them cookie cutter homes. You have no doubt seen the neighborhoods where all the homes look the same and all of them have the same floor plan. What’s wrong with that?! Nothing. As long as the home is meeting your needs.

Why do we provide customized homes? Is every person or family the same? Of course not. We know that your lifestyle and needs during retirement will be different from another person’s needs.

What kind of home do you need for retirement? Do you need to downsize? Would you like a home that is only one level? Cook Bros. Construction has several different models that can be altered to meet your needs. We also love to help folks with custom builds when our models just won’t cut it. Let’s get you introduced to the area and talk about the perfect home for your retirement dreams.; (865) 851-7373


Retire to East Tennessee – The Hollern’s Story

Since East Tennessee has been named one of the top retirement destinations in the United States, many retirees are dreaming about moving close to the Smoky Mountains. The dilemma for this group is that they usually aren’t acquainted with any contractors in the area. Who do you trust?

Who should build your home for retirement in East Tennessee? We’re a bit biased. We have a plethora of satisfied customers that you can talk to about their home building experience with us. Listen to the Hollern’s experience and feel free to ask us any questions about retiring to East Tennessee.; (865) 851-7373

Have Plentiful Entertainment During Retirement


People talk about being able to sit on their front porch and relax in their rocking chair when they retire. Is that ALL you want out of retirement though?! Retirees in East Tennessee have more than just a few options for entertainment. Pigeon Forge and Sevierville alone have a plethora of musical and dramatic entertainment venues such as Dollywood and Dixie Stampede. Actually most retirees in the area don’t speak about boredom but have tell me they have to pace themselves when choosing activities to participate. Let’s get you introduced to the area and discover your perfect home for this retirement dream.; (865) 851-7373

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