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Is Your Kitchen Ready for Summer?


It’s hard to believe that we will be celebrating the 4th of July in a few months. It may seem early but now is a great time to think about making updates to your kitchen before having all of those summer dinner parties. Plus, completing your kitchen in the spring will mean that you’re well prepared for all the fall and winter baking.

Start asking yourself is your kitchen ready to tackle summer dinner parties and get togethers? Is there anything you want to change in your kitchen? We would love to be a part of your kitchen build or remodel.; (865) 851-7373


Progress is made at our Water’s Edge Property

waters-edge-project-update-april  waters-edge-project-update-interior

For our faithful fans and those searching for a home we have a couple of new photos of the progress at the Water’s Edge property. If you remember from last time the exterior was bare and we were making modifications to the studs on the interior of the home.

As you can see from the photos, we are making progress on both areas of the home. Brick is being laid on portions of the exterior and sheetrock is up in the interior. With a dynamite view on the back someone is going to have a great summer in this home. Give us a call if you would like to see the finished product in May.; (865) 851-7373


Retire to Gorgeous Golf Courses in Tennessee


Retirement is supposed to be a special time when you get to enjoy the good things of life at your pace and on your schedule. Why settle for one simple golf course when you retire when you could enjoy THREE championship courses? Each course in Tellico Village has its own clubhouse, pro shop, and practice range. Does that sound like it could be a part of your retirement dream? We would love to talk to you about getting the home that fits in this dream. Call us and let’s start the conversation.

(865) 851-7373


Building Quality Homes For You


When you’re driving down the street and pass a new home being built, what are the first few things that run through your head? Do you think about remodeling your own home? Do you try to picture how the new home will turn out? Do you gauge the quality of the home?

If you see a Cook Bros. Construction logo on a vehicle in front of a construction site, we know what you should be thinking. Cook Bros. Construction has built a reputation in the Greater Knoxville area so that the word, “Quality,” and phrase, “No Compromise,” are synonymous with our business. Let’s talk about your next home remodel or new home construction plans.; (865) 851-7373


Create Memories With Your Family


Many people admire our fine craftsmanship and beautiful creations. However, we don’t just build homes. We’re creating spaces where you can create memories with your family. Creating memories is also important to Premier Martial Arts of Turkey Creek. They’re providing a FREE lesson for kids, ages 5-12, this Saturday at 10am. Go make some memories.

Where: 11330 Parkside Drive
When: 10:00 AM
Who: Children ages 5 – 12
How: Please call Premier Martial Arts at 671.6699 to reserve your child’s spot!


Water’s Edge Property Update – April 2, 2015


Cook Bros. Construction recently purchased a home from the bank in the Water’s Edge neighborhood in East Tennessee. As you can see from the picture, the home has already undergone framing modifications. The completion of this future dream home will be in May. Let us know if you would like to see the finished product.
Learn more on our website:; (865) 851-7373

Do you need a footer drain?

The weather in East Tennessee can be unpredictable. Most locals tell you if you don’t like the weather here, to wait five minutes. With all the rain that our area can get it’s important to have a good understanding of a footer drain when you’re building a new home. Do you know what a footer drain is?; (865) 851-7373

Custom Home Projects for East Tennessee


Just like a parent takes pride in their children, we take pride in the years of experience and well-done projects that we have completed in the Greater Knoxville Area. We advise you to speak with us about your custom home project. Why?! “We pride ourselves on providing unmatched communication and a well-designed building system from start to finish.”

Learn more on our website:; (865) 851-7373


Custom Homes that are Energy Efficient

When you think about appliances, cars and homes, you usually think about energy efficiency. With all of the ice and cold weather that we had at the beginning of March, I think most of us would say we would want a new home that is well insulated.When you watch out YouTube video you will see how a Cook Bros. home is sure to be heavy on efficiency and light on your utility bills.; (865) 851-7373

New Home Construction Budget

There are surprises that people enjoy. You can probably think of quite of few right off the top of your head. You know, birthday parties, winning the lottery, your kids did their chores without being asked, and so on.

Unfortunately, on the flipside there are surprises that we never want to encounter. For people who are getting ready to take on a new home construction project a change in the project’s budget is not a surprise they want to encounter. Owner of Cook Bros. Construction, John Cook, discusses in the above video that their projects will stay on budget during a new home construction. In fact the only thing he seems to be able to think of that could possibly derail his estimate is something geological. Obviously, he and his crew of experts can’t see underground. However, John seems confident with his estimates because of his team’s thorough discussions with a client during the estimate phase.

Cook Bros. Construction would love to be able to sit down with you and discuss more about their process and your ideas for your new custom home construction.; (865) 851-7373

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