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Name One of Top 3 Best Contractors in Knoxville


We are amazed and honored. Cook Bros. Construction has been named one of the top 3 contractors of CityView’s Best of the Best Contest for the past 3 years now. We would love to continue showing our quality by having the chance to build your home. Let’s chat about your dream home.; (865) 851-7373

Retirement Offers Opportunities to Learn


Many folks talk about slowing down when they retire. However, this in way suggests that one should stop learning new things after retiring. In fact retirement offers the prime season for learning.

  1. More time
  2. Learn what you wish
    Without worries of obtaining a job retirees can learn skills and knowledge on the subjects that bring them joy.
  3. No pressure
    Without the concerns of providing for a family or getting a new job, there is no pressure within the school environment now. At the best the retiree passes a course with flying colors. At the worst the retiree receives an unsatisfactory grade with no consequences.

The retirement community of Tellico Village in East Tennessee makes continuing education a snap through Tellico Village University. Whether you want to learn a new artistic talent or more about your computer or just learn more about the natural beauty in East Tennessee, there is a resource for you. Let’s talk about the home you will live in while enjoying your retirement.; (865) 851-7373


So Much To Do In East Tennessee During Retirement


Retiring to Tellico Village opens up a whole new world of possibilities for retirees. You could potentially wake up swimming with the swim club, spend the rest of the morning learning to pain with the art guild, play game with the badminton club, get gardening tips from the garden club and end the day with Tellico Village community concerts. We can help you discover this vibrant community. As preferred builders in the area, we’d love to introduce you to the community.; (865) 851-7373

A Personalized for You in East Tennessee


They call them cookie cutter homes. You have no doubt seen the neighborhoods where all the homes look the same and all of them have the same floor plan. What’s wrong with that?! Nothing. As long as the home is meeting your needs.

Why do we provide customized homes? Is every person or family the same? Of course not. We know that your lifestyle and needs during retirement will be different from another person’s needs.

What kind of home do you need for retirement? Do you need to downsize? Would you like a home that is only one level? Cook Bros. Construction has several different models that can be altered to meet your needs. We also love to help folks with custom builds when our models just won’t cut it. Let’s get you introduced to the area and talk about the perfect home for your retirement dreams.


Retire to East Tennessee and Enjoy the Seasons


Why do people want to move to Florida for retirement? Well, the most common reason is to enjoy the hotter temperatures that are present all year around. Many people soon discover that the temperatures are too hot and humid most of the year and there is really only one season in a tropical area. Many retirees tell us that Tennessee saved them from the heat of Florida and allowed them to enjoy seasons once again. The seasons in East Tennessee are quite amazing because of the bright and unique colors that each season offers. Let’s find the perfect home for you to enjoy color by the Smoky Mountains all year around.; (865) 851-7373

Paying Attention to the Details of Your New Home

Why would you choose to hire a contractor to build your home? Most people would give these reasons:

  • Unable to do the job themselves
  • No time to build a home
  • Peace of mind having a professional build

Are there some other reasons you can think of?

Unfortunately, these reasons are not always met when a contractor takes on a job. Corners get cut or there possibly isn’t any attention to detail. However, Cook Bros. Construction clients have things like this to say during a project:

“The structure goes up. If there is something not right, they’ll fix it even it means tearing the whole structure down. He [Ralph Cook] wants it done right, and that’s really reassuring. You just know you’re going to have a good house as a result.”; (865) 851-7373

Retirement Should Entertain You


People talk about being able to sit on their front porch and relax in their rocking chair when they retire. Is that ALL you want out of retirement though?! Retirees in East Tennessee have more than just a few options for entertainment. Pigeon Forge and Sevierville alone have a plethora of musical and dramatic entertainment venues such as Dollywood and Dixie Stampede. Actually most retirees in the area don’t speak about boredom but have told me they have to pace themselves when choosing activities to participate. Let’s get you introduced to the area and discover your perfect home for this retirement dream.

Happy Halloween from Cook Bros. Construction


It seems as though the last half of the year were made specifically with children in mind. Most children would deny it but for the most part they enjoy the first day of school. They enjoy seeing their peers and being able to have new experiences. Then we move quickly to Halloween. Of course the idea of bagfuls of candy would excite any child (and most parents that are planning on raiding the candy bags).

Various holidays and annual events afford one similar thing. They allow us to create valuable memories with our family or loved ones. We hope that you’re able to build lasting memories with your family this Fall season.; (865) 851-7373

The Best Places for Golf During Retirement


Before retirement, you always wished that you had more time to golf. Now that retirement is here your schedule has freed up and it’s time to hit the links. East Tennessee is a golfer’s dream. There isn’t just one but THREE championship courses. Each place has its own clubhouse, pro shop, and practice range. You can discover more about one course at: Does that sound like it could be a part of your retirement dream? We would love to talk to you about getting the home that fits in this dream.; (865) 851-7373

Retire to the Great Outdoors – East Tennessee


From time to time it is important for all of us to take inventory of our personal life goals even during retirement. Yes. Even as we approach or in retirement.

Are you on track to retiring where you want to be in the next few years?

Will you retire this year?! Where do you want to be by the Summer of 2016? Literally. Where would you like your home to be located by the coming Summer?

You may think that it is a bit early to being thinking about anything having to do with the Spring or Summer. Afterall, your mind is more than likely filled with abstract To-Do lists that correspond with Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, if relocating to a new home is your goal for this Summer, we would contend that it is not too early at all to be sitting down with one of our expert builders and talking about home plans.

It’s not out of the question to get you into your dream retirement home in East Tennessee and still have time to enjoy the mild temperatures of an East Tennessee Summer. The process needs to begin now. We have time to talk. When is a good time for you?; (865) 851-7373

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