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Custom Home Projects for East Tennessee


Just like a parent takes pride in their children, we take pride in the years of experience and well-done projects that we have completed in the Greater Knoxville Area. We advise you to speak with us about your custom home project. Why?! “We pride ourselves on providing unmatched communication and a well-designed building system from start to finish.”

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Custom Homes that are Energy Efficient

When you think about appliances, cars and homes, you usually think about energy efficiency. With all of the ice and cold weather that we had at the beginning of March, I think most of us would say we would want a new home that is well insulated.When you watch out YouTube video you will see how a Cook Bros. home is sure to be heavy on efficiency and light on your utility bills.; (865) 851-7373

New Home Construction Budget

There are surprises that people enjoy. You can probably think of quite of few right off the top of your head. You know, birthday parties, winning the lottery, your kids did their chores without being asked, and so on.

Unfortunately, on the flipside there are surprises that we never want to encounter. For people who are getting ready to take on a new home construction project a change in the project’s budget is not a surprise they want to encounter. Owner of Cook Bros. Construction, John Cook, discusses in the above video that their projects will stay on budget during a new home construction. In fact the only thing he seems to be able to think of that could possibly derail his estimate is something geological. Obviously, he and his crew of experts can’t see underground. However, John seems confident with his estimates because of his team’s thorough discussions with a client during the estimate phase.

Cook Bros. Construction would love to be able to sit down with you and discuss more about their process and your ideas for your new custom home construction.; (865) 851-7373

Water’s Edge Property

A lot of people were curious about this Lenoir City home that we are completing in the Water’s Edge subdivision. Here are some more photos on your new home. We also included a floor plan. You can also see how close you are to that beautiful view of the Tennessee River. Let us know if you would like to see this house in May.

WatersEdgeProperty-lenoir-city-tennessee WatersEdgeProperty-lenoir-city-tennessee  WatersEdgeProperty03-lenoir-city-tennessee; (865) 851-7373

The Progress of a Tellico Village Home

mcbride-home-tellico-village-update (1)  mcbride-home-tellico-village-update-02

It’s exciting to watch the process of a home being built. There is some thrilling about watching the excellent abilities of the craftsmen in progress. It’s also neat to witness a dwelling being created where people will be living out their lives with their family.

The last time we pictured this Tellico Village home on our social media pages  it was ready to get trusses. As you can see, the trusses have gone up and are looking good.

We will continue to update you on the progress of this Loudon County home so keep looking back here to see more progress on this custom built home. Can you envision yourself living here yet or is it too early in the process?; (865) 851-7373


Is This Your New Home With A View?


Cook Bros. Construction recently acquired a home from the bank and will be finishing this East Tennessee home to make it someone’s dream home.

This 4 bedroom and 3 bathroom home is in the Water’s Edge Subdivision in Lenoir City. The home will not only have loads of storage, a wet bar in the basement and deck, but the property has the most unbelievable unobstructed view of the Tennessee River that you will ever see. This property of dreams is projected to be completed in May. Would you like to come out and see it in May? Give our office a call and let us know that you would like to see this finished beauty.
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Kitchen Remodel – Cook Bros. Construction


Spring is on the way and with it is a plethora of activities. Essentially, people are coming out of “hibernation” with the coming of warmer temperatures and we will begin inviting people over to our homes. In East Tennessee people will be planning get togethers for Spring Break and Easter dinner. Then as spring exits many people will be looking at entertaining with summer BBQs. Is your kitchen ready to handle all of the entertaining?

The expert staff at Cook Bros. Construction would love the chance to discuss your kitchen remodel ideas and see how we can make your dream become a reality. We are able to work with you to put together a plan that can stay within your budget. Let’s get things started.


Carol’s Kitchen Remodel Testimonial

One of the events that will involve the most decision making and stress in your life is going to be a kitchen or bathroom remodel. There are simply so many areas of expertise that are needed from electrical and plumbing to construction and interior design for a kitchen remodel to be completed with excellence. While the the seasoned DIY person may be able to get the project completed with only a moderate amount of headache, many would advise that a professional be called to get the job done and done right.

Carol needed to remodel her entire kitchen from top to bottom. Here is one thing she had to say about her experience with Cook Bros. Construction:  “…I was satisfied in the end and that’s what counts; My satisfaction.” Do all businesses put their customer’s satisfaction first like that? See what else Carol said about her remodel:

Vacation At Home


I think just about everyone is done with this winter weather. Who is tired of looking outside and seeing snow?! We want you to look out your window today and dream about ways that you could turn your yard into a summer retreat. Visit our blog that will get you thinking warm thoughts and dreaming about the future. Let’s have some fun.; (865) 851-7373

Stylish Outdoor Living


Wow! After getting hammered by 3 winter storms now in less than 2 weeks, and with another storm predicted soon, we are all dreaming of warmer weather. Can you smell the sun heating the asphalt? Can you feel it warming you next to a pool? Can you see comfy chairs by a custom stone, outdoor kitchen under a gorgeous pergola or gazebo? Whatever dreams you have of an outdoor living area by your East Tennessee home, Cook Bros. Construction can bring them into reality. Start planning now!

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