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Which Contractor Would You Prefer In East Tennessee?


There are two different scenarios that can be seen at a home build site.

In one scenario the contractor is brought supplies for creating a home of a couple’s dreams. In order to save on cost the project manager listens to the couple and goes with a few substandard choices. The manager also chooses to use materials that were don’t meet his standard on other parts of the home to save on time.

In the other scenario the project manager listens to the couple’s concerns about cost. The manager refuses to choose substandard materials but shows the couple other ways in which they can save money on the project. When the manager is brought materials that don’t meet his approval, he demands that new materials be delivered in an expedited manner.

At the end of the day do you want a substandard home or do you want a Cook Bros. home?; (865) 851-7373

A Custom Home That Is Unique For You


Have you ever stayed in a condo or cabin on vacation away from home? It can be fun to be surrounded by a new atmosphere with various decor. However, there are those times when you stay in a cabin that you think, “This is fun for a visit but I couldn’t live here.”

Why do people think this though? For some people the traditional and rustic decor while being amidst peaceful scenery just does not suit their personality. While some people love sitting in a comfy couch in front of warm fire in a lodge style living room, others would prefer to have fireplace that was surrounded by modern art.

The truth is that no personality of any two people is exactly the same. Thus, one man’s living space will not suit another man’s fancy. Cook Bros. Construction has a whole team of designers and builders with one goal in mind. They want to create YOUR dream home.; (865) 851-7373

A Contractor That Meets Their Deadlines

When we finish a home build project there is a strange occurrence that takes place when we tell our clients about their home. Their faces show signs of shock. Many of our clients simply cannot believe that we have completed all of our tasks within the completed deadline.

We believe that contractors should not only hold themselves up to a certain level of high quality but we also believe that timeliness should be the normal standard. However, I think you will agree that many people in East Tennessee and all over the United States have come to expect that a contractor will miss deadlines.

Watch the video of the Walkers’ experience with our company. Discover what our clients really do find that we are a group that uphold quality and timeliness.

Can we sit down and talk to you this week about your dream home?; (865) 851-7373

A Warranty That Works With Your New Tennessee Home

Businesses such as Walmart and Target are more often asking if you would like a warranty with your purchase. Wouldn’t it be great to receive a warranty with something that you highly value like your home? Listen to the Hollern’s testimony with Cook Bros. Construction and find out more about our 12 month warranty.; (865) 851-7373

Discover the Parade of Homes 2015 – East Tennessee


We have often noted that it is difficult for most people to envision the final product mid-construction. Is it hard for you to see the quality and luxury in this home from the picture above?

This home boasts 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a study, and loft bonus area. Want more?! It also has a great room with fireplace and 3 car garage. It simply demands to be appreciated in person.

Fortunately, if you’re in the Greater Knoxville Area, you’ll have the chance to visit this spectacular home. Beginning October 9 this home will be a part of the HBAGK’s Parade of Homes.

There is more information on the event at the following website:

Modern or Traditional Home for Retirement?


When you dream of a home what comes to mind?

Do you think about a home that has plenty of space on multiple floors? Do you envision modern lines throughout to emphasize liking of all things contemporary?

Do you picture a home that efficient with its space? Do you see a corner fireplace that is able to emit its warm glow and heat in the living room? Do you know that there is traditional woodwork throughout the home?

Cook Bros. Construction wants you watch your dreams become reality during a home building project. While we build your home, you are paired with one of our customer celebrated designers. Our designers seem to have a knack for creating reality from the images in your mind.

Can we sit down and talk to you this week about your dream home?; (865) 851-7373

A Customer Says, Thanks!


It can be said that you can’t merely trust a man that talks well of himself/herself but you may consider the weight of a man whose neighbors speak highly of him/her. In East Tennessee there are a plethora of contractors that would love nothing more than to take on your building project. They boast of their quality and economical pricing. However, for all the advertising and large talk the internet and city is full of stories where contractors have taken advantage of residents of the Greater Knoxville Area.

Cook Bros. Construction wants you to listen to our clients and their experiences with our crew. We believe that others are our best advertisement as they can speak of the quality treatment they received and boast of the product we turned out for them.

Comments like the following are common place for us:
“Thank you Cook Bros. Construction for the Greatest & most Beautiful home that you put up so quickly and professionally for us! Special THANK You to Randy, our Project Manager, and Anna Lee who is THE best Designer this side of the Mississippi River! We are so happy, and it went so well!” – Jon Bevis; (865) 851-7373

Retiring in Luxury with a Low Cost of Living – East Tennessee


What makes you smile when you look at your savings account?! Seeing more money than you planned? The cost of living in the area is stunning. East Tennessee doesn’t have state property tax, no income tax, and sales tax is only 7%. In fact the cost of living in Loudon County is only 89% of the national average. You can live the retirement you dreamed about in East Tennessee. Let’s get together and talk about your dream home.; (865) 851-7373

See East Tennessee’s Finest Homes


You cannot find your dream home in East Tennessee or anywhere for that matter without either searching or creating plans. However, we’re guessing that you don’t just want any old home. That is after all why we title it in our minds’ as a “Dream Home.”

A dream home has an unspoken list of qualities that must accompany it. There are a certain amount of bedrooms and bathrooms. There needs to be a minimum amount of square feet. The lot the home is located must have a certain quality to it. In short though, we want the finest home possible.

The Parade of Homes is a perfect opportunity to get a first hand look at some of East Tennessee’s finest homes. They will truly redefine the word, “Home,” in your mind.

Beginning October 9 this home will be a part of the HBAGK’s Parade of Homes. Make sure to save the time to see this gem. There is more information at the following website:

Mild Weather Retirement in East Tennessee


While driving through neighborhoods in East Tennessee, you can see more people outside enjoying the mild temperatures. How you like to be able to wake up tomorrow morning to painted skies while sipping your coffee on your front porch? Let’s talk about making that dream a reality for your retirement.; (865) 851-7373

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