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Is Your Kitchen Ready for Summer?

It’s hard to believe that we will be celebrating the 4th of July in a few months. It may seem […]

Progress is made at our Water’s Edge Property

   For our faithful fans and those searching for a home we have a couple of new photos of the […]

Water’s Edge Property Update – April 2, 2015

Cook Bros. Construction recently purchased a home from the bank in the Water’s Edge neighborhood in East Tennessee. As you […]

Do you need a footer drain?

The weather in East Tennessee can be unpredictable. Most locals tell you if you don’t like the weather here, to […]

Custom Home Projects for East Tennessee

Just like a parent takes pride in their children, we take pride in the years of experience and well-done projects […]

New Home Construction Budget

There are surprises that people enjoy. You can probably think of quite of few right off the top of your […]

Water’s Edge Property A lot of people were curious about this Lenoir City home that we are completing in the […]

The Progress of a Tellico Village Home

   It’s exciting to watch the process of a home being built. There is some thrilling about watching the excellent […]

Is This Your New Home With A View?

Cook Bros. Construction recently acquired a home from the bank and will be finishing this East Tennessee home to make […]

Carol’s Kitchen Remodel Testimonial

One of the events that will involve the most decision making and stress in your life is going to be […]